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  • I Survived My First Year

    2014 - 07.09

    ….in a high school setting of all places! Actually teaching high school is what I always wanted to do, and I survived my first year as an English teacher! Yeah! And yes, I know I’m a little slow on the uptake with making this entry, seeing as it’s in July.

    I also saw that I have not updated this blog in over a year. But essentially, that is the gist of what’s been going on with me since the last update. I finally got a full time teaching job after such a long time waiting, and now I realize that the wait was worth it. I got the grade level and the subject area that I always dreamed of having. That and my husband and I had our tenth wedding anniversary on June 19. It’s been a great year.

    Probably the toughest thing about this year was learning an entirely different curriculum. And getting up early. Definitely getting up early. To combat that I made it a point to try and set the teacher lounge coffee maker to brew around 7:20 in the morning and keep a stock of creamer in the fridge so I could have that caffeine goodness when I got to work and so I wouldn’t snarl and bite at my 1st hour — which was a great class, by the way.

    I taught mostly ninth grade, but I had two sections of sophomores as well, plus a reading class. I’m pleased to say that this coming school year, I will be teaching all ninth grade classes, which will make lesson planning so much easier for me. The stories are better in the freshman curriculum than they are in the sophomore, although I have to say I’m disappointed I won’t get to do Twelve Angry Men or Night. I actually enjoy the sophomore major works (except Julius Caesar).

    There was definitely a hell of a lot to learn, and most of the time, I felt overwhelmed by all the grading and lesson planning. It really is true when we English teachers say that we’re gluttons for punishment. I have yet to figure out an effective and time-saving way of grading essays, especially since I have, 120 of them at a time, and I’m definitely going to change the way I do some things in the classroom, but I am confident that the implementation of the Macbooks and using Schoology and other technology resources will greatly decrease the amount of paperwork I’ll have to take home. The thing I will have to figure out is how I will keep track of everything since Schoology grades will not import into Tyler SIS.

    I’ve gathered a ton of materials and resources from various trainings I have done throughout the school year and over these past few days. There are so many things I can use that it’s hard to keep track of what is what. I will probably be making a post soon with links and descriptions of all the resources I’ve gathered so far and link my blog post to my colleagues. That post will follow as soon as I gather all my information.

    That’s it for now, folks! Stay tuned and I promise I’ll start keeping up with this site more.

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