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    2011 - 10.31

    I Cannot Dance Upon My Toes
    Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord
    We Wear the Mask
    Sonnet XVII
    The Heart is a Secret Garden
    Because I Could Not Stop For Death
    On Education
    The Forgotten Grave
    I’m Nobody! Who Are You?
    The Road Not Taken
    A Poison Tree
    Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
    I Dream A World
    Fire and Ice
    The Voice
    New World
    Not in Vain
    A Word is Dead
    The Band
    Music Becomes Me
    The Conductor’s Hands
    Sonnet 55
    The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
    The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd
    The Sick Rose
    A Red, Red, Rose
    Sonnet 18
    After a Great Pain
    Pain Has an Element of Blank
    Symptoms of Love
    Unfortunate Coincidence
    A Dirge
    If You Should Go
    Thoughts of You
    Lost Love
    A Need for Passion
    Missing You
    Safer Inside

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