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  • A Funny Post

    2011 - 10.30

    I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to blog about this week, and I decided that I would blog about funny stuff. People like funny stuff, especially if it involves the epic fails of other people. I don’t know why we find other people’s misfortunes hilarious, but for some reason it is as long as people aren’t seriously hurt or as long as the misfortune does not involve us. I paid a visit to failblog.org to give you some good epic fails to chuckle at this week. The site is updated daily and is the perfect place to go when you need a good laugh. Also, don’t forget to check out my Prose section to read the first two chapters of Mirror, Mirror and check out the new additions to my Poetry section.

    10. Driver’s Test Fail – Wow, what the hell? And I thought it was bad that I failed my driver’s test just from running over a very small curb when the stupid examiner made me do a turn about in a very narrow drive. This definitely takes the cake.
    epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: It's Safe To Say She Didn't Pass

    9. The Dark Mark – Only a true Harry Potter fan can appreciate this epic WIN.
    epic win photos - Dark Mark WIN

    8. Literacy Fail – This is what happens when you cut funding from education. Alternatively, this is what happens when people rely too much on spell check.
    epic fail photos - Showing Off Your "Literacy FAIL"

    7. Wrong Law – I saw this and I busted out laughing. I mean seriously, college teachers really get those kinds of answers? Well, the student may have lost 10 points on the test but I’d give at least 2 for not leaving the question blank and making me laugh.
    epic fail photos - CLASSIC: The First Law Learned in College

    6. Tragic Tattoo – Talk about a Hamlet tribute gone wrong. Worse yet is that there is no auto correct on your flesh!
    Hamlet Looks Like a Small Tragedy in Comparison

    5. Showing off Your Moves – Is that a person or a drunk monkey in a human suit? Either way, I think the dummy wins (not the human dummy, obviously).
    epic fail photos - Showing Off Your Sweet Moves FAIL

    4. Auto-Correct Disaster – The biggest complaint that iPhone owners have is the auto-correct feature on their phone which can get pretty dang annoying — and embarrassing. I agree with Otto here; it is painful watching this guy struggle.
    mobile phone texting autocorrect - Too Late, We Have to Bang Now

    3. Bad Puns Involving Countries – I can’t resist. I’m a glutton for bad puns.
    mobile phone texting autocorrect - I Only Need Enough to Thaid Me Over

    2. Just Leave a Note — This is the best idea ever! Next time you get aggravated at some dummy that can’t park, just leave this note on the windshield — or some other smart aleck remark of your choosing.

    1. Epic Laziness – Come on. Really?! Trolling through the drive-thru in an electric wheelchair? No wonder foreigners think Americans are fat and lazy.
    epic fail photos - Drive Thru FAIL



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