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  • Finally! A Post!

    2015 - 10.02

    It’s been forever since I posted, but I have been on a temporary hiatus since the beginning of the school year. The grading is what keeps me the busiest, and it seems every evening and weekend, I am covered up in grading. I’ve even put any and all writing on hiatus until things slow down a little. Believe me, it usually doesn’t until pretty well now. In the meantime, I am not only busy with grading, but Anime Club is putting together banners for our football Homecoming next Friday, so that has been eating up quite a bit of my time after school.

    Once things settle down, I have the following planned:

    1. Revise Rachel’s fourth chapter for her book.
    2. Review Charles’ notes on my first chapter and revise accordingly if I need to.
    3. Finish the chapter on which I am currently working.
    4. Resume my active RPs.
    5. Post more to my fan fictions.
    6. Post more to this blog.
    7. Stock up on hot chocolate.

    Until then, please stay tuned!

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